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In the game you will play the cat man "peanut". In the summer of 4038 A.D., you will be alone on the only vacation island in the world: MeowMeowLand! You will meet your long-time pen pal P, and meet your new friends, P's cousin Duu Jr. and P's sister Mii. Oh, and P's grandfather, who is not always at home. Play together with the new toy "Swing Blocks", challenge up to 100+ levels, and: collect paintings, foster friendships, and be sure to try your hand at making your own original levels with your imagination! And in the end, you will also experience a crisis-ridden adventure!

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The game was originally released in '21 as the Swinging Blocks Max Edition, a failed commodity that qualified as a digital work of art. We got high ratings and attracted a following of gamers who could appreciate us. But ultimately it was a complete failure in terms of financial gain. However, we did get some intangible assets, the level design of the game with the participation of all players, and the background setting of the MeowMeowLand universe. We will use these assets to continue the development of this series in the future.

Now we have removed the network function of the game, added more languages, and renamed it to "SwingBlocks:MeowMeowLand" to make it more permanent. Of course, in order to continue the development of the game software, we added few, few ads to see how much in the individual, one does not see also can also clear the game.

Mobile Games / iOS / Android
Release Date:2021/05/04,2022/09/02
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